“What makes VCP amazing besides their teachers, is how accommodating it is.  They really know how to help new students/parents adapt to the preschool life.” Tram B.

“My son loves VCP because of the high quality teachers and the individual attention he gets. They give children the opportunity to play outside most days of the year in a safe environment made just for their size, this a huge bonus at Valley Christian Preschool. I would recommend Valley Christian Preschool to everyone.” Lisa B.

“Our son loves VCP and is so excited for school days! Since he began, his imaginative play has blossomed and his ability to follow directions has increased tremendously. He's growing both creatively and socially.” Sarah G

“Valley Christian Preschool has an atmosphere of genuine warmth and caring. My daughter is welcomed each day ready to learn both academically and socially.” Vicky P.

“I love VCP because the entire staff feels like family. Everyone is very welcoming and takes their time to get to know each family on a personal level. The children sense that kindness and it shows in their enthusiasm to go to school every day.” Ashlee T.

“Our daughter has incredible teachers and whenever I ask her about her friends at school she says their names first. The effort and time you have put into the program are apparent each and every day and it truly is one of the biggest things I will miss about our time in Chagrin Falls. She has become such an independent and smart little girl and I attribute much of that to her time at VCP. Tara M.

“My daughter was 5 years old and eligible for Kindergarten this year.  We had the tough decision either to start her in Kindergarten or to enroll her in the Valley '5's program'. I am so glad we enrolled her at VCP because the 5's program is fantastic and we have seen our daughter grow emotionally and have more confidence. Our daughter is reading now and will be more than ready for grade school. I would highly recommend this preschool to anyone with high standards!  BTW, did I mention they are one of the only 5 star rated preschools in the area?” Heather Y.